We become what we worship
~ G.K. Beale ~

Sandra Jensen

"I'll never marry you just so you know," my love told me when we were on our first date, "I just don’t believe in that.” It was alright for me because I had never really thought I would get married.

After a few years of being together, I got sick. It was a tough period. There were times I didn't know if i would survive. But I did. We grew closer and our love became stronger because of it.

One evening at a restaurant in Egypt, the waiters began to circle like flies around our table. I tried to wave them away. My partner blinked and nodded his head. I wondered if he had something in his eye. A waiter put champagne and two glasses on our table. I was sure it was the wrong table.

My love got up and walked around the table and got down on his knee. Has he lost something, I thought, and started to look around on the floor. Then he took out a ring, and asked me to marry him. I didn't get it at first. The whole restaurant held its breath. I finally cried a YES. Applause, champagne and happy shoutings.

I was surprised by the joy I felt in making the "committment" when you get married. My partner and I both had to go beyond ourselves to make it. There's something especially beautiful about that.

I belive in love. Being able to document yours lights me up.

Love Sandra

with my whole heart, for my whole life